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P&E's Rating Criteria

Ratings criteria for all sections of P&E are listed on the P&E's Rating Criteria page.

A Poetry Rag: defunct: An online poetry magazine.

AB Bookman's Weekly: Features editorials, feature articles, and departments dedicated to the book trade. Bought out by Intergalactic, Inc. 7/23/03: Site states it's closed.

Aberrations: dead.

Abilities: "Canada's foremost cross-disability lifestyle magazine."

Aboriginal SF: Folded. A science fiction magazine.

Abramelin: A publication featuring poetry.

Abraxus Reader Online: An online magazine with a focus on literature. Link inoperative.

Absolute Magnitude: Speculative fiction publication. Link broken.

Abyss & Apex Magazine of Speculative Fiction: Featuring "speculative and imaginative fiction, with special attention to character-driven stories that examine the depths and heights of human motivation."

Acres U.S.A.: Features organic agriculture, commercial-scale, soil-friendly farming technologies, techniques, markets, news, analysis, and trends.

Ad Nauseam: humorous commentary on the internet and its tremendous growth. Link inoperative.

Adbusters: Highly recommended. A publication featuring interviews, reviews, and articles on all types of ads.

Addicted-to-Romance: a site featuring articles about romance and the Whispers of Love eZine plus other adult features.

Adhoc Publishing - The home of The Essential Guides: Cultural guide publisher. Link inoperative.


Adventures of Sword & Sorcery: A sword and sorcery fantasy magazine. Link inoperative.

After Shocks: A magazine featuring fiction about Southern California. Link inoperative.

Afterthoughts: Is the weekly newsletter of bookmarks and bite-sized bounty. Features include cool articles, Internet-related news, a Writer's Forum, Top 10 web sites of the week, humor, tons of links and a contest. Link reported inoperative.

Age of Wonder (formerly Sense of Wonder): Dead.

Agrippina Press: A publication featuring short written works like short stories, poetry, essays, book reviews, and articles.

Aisle Say: The Internet Magazine of Stage Reviews and Opinion: A magazine. Link inoperative.

AKDA: Prose, poetry and other creative imaginings by Filipino writers. Link inoperative.

Albedo One: "Ireland's only regular fiction magazine specialising in SF, horror and fantasy. Published regularly since 1993, it has featured stories from Brian Stableford, Anne McCaffrey, Ian McDonald, Gill Alderman, Jeff Vandermeer, Norman Spinrad and the ubiquitous DF Lewis. We have been included in the summations of both The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and The Year's Best Science Fiction."

Alexandria Digital Literature: An electronic publisher.

Alfred Hitchcock: Recommended. Well-known mystery magazine.

Alien Tempest: A speculative fiction publication. Link inoperative.

AlienQ Science Cyber Fiction and Fact Ezine: science fiction ezine.

AlienSkin Magazine: "a free monthly online science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine, featuring short and flash fiction, articles, contests, FAQs on genre writing, and Round Robin (works-in-progress)stories."

Allegory (formerly Peridot Books): Recommended. "Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Other genres, such as humor or general interest, provided the work possesses an original, "quirky" slant in the Northern Exposure, Ally McBeal vein."

AllOneWord: : Defunct. Features stories, poetry, and essays.

alphaDRIVE: A science fiction magazine. Link inoperative.

Alsirat: a horror magazine. Link reported invalid.

Alsop Review: Poetry and literature. Link inoperative.

Alt Hist: Features fiction based on actual history and alternate history.

Alt-X: A fiction magazine.

AltaVista Entertainment - Wild Wild Web: Appears to be an entertainment publication. Link inoperative.

Altair: Folded. An Australian speculative fiction magazine. A new adventure in SF & F magazines. No borders, no boundaries between countries or their people. Altair accepts stories from all corners of the globe, all walks of life. Consider Altair: It is a work of art and bold endevour." Contributed by Robert Stephenson, Senior editor.

Alternate Dimensions: An online science fiction and fantasy magazine.

Alternative Reality Webzine: A speculative fiction publication.

Alternate Realities: Recommended. A horror, fantasy, and science fiction ezine. Classy. Sadly, it appears to be defunct.

Amateur Erotica: Defunct? Has some resources and tips for writers of erotic literature. Not for minors.

Amateur Poetry Journal: Folded? Electronic poetry publication.

Amazing Authors E-Zine: A fiction publication. Link inoperative.

Amazing Stories: Science fiction and fantasy publication. Link reported invalid.

Amelia: Defunct. A science fiction, fantasy, and poetry magazine.

American Dissident, The: A literary journal of critical writing.

AMERICAN FOLK: Appears to be a humor publication.

American Jewelry Manufacturer: Trade publication.

American Planet Galactic News: : Defunct. Mix of fact, commentary, fiction, friction, satire, comics, prose and poetry.

American Reader: Articles and subscription information. Link inoperative.

American Virus Zine: science fiction ezine. Link reported invalid.

Ames SciFi Connection: Dead. A science fiction magazine.

Amityville House of Pancakes, The: "online humour magazine, anything welcome -- the only requirement: Make me laugh." Link reported inoperative.

Amorphous Estrella: defunct: Art, graphics, poetry.

Amrita Poetry Pages: Features commercial free poetry; open anthology, writers resources, and poetry links. Changed over to bulletin board.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact: Recommended. Seems obvious.

Andromeda: an electronic publication. Link reported invalid.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine: "intended to produce quality fiction in regular doses. We're trying to a lighter, more "fun" format than grim and gritty stylings that currently seem to be in vogue. Adventure, Excitement, plunging necklines, tentacles, motorcycles, elves, singing swords, evil creatures, spaceships, and heaps of chrome."

Ann Arbor Poetry Forum: Listen to poems and interviews in RealAudio. Ann Arbor's Poetry Forum has been made possible with the support of the Michigan Council for Art and Cultural Affairs, the Washtenaw Council for the Arts, and the Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry. Link reported invalid.

Another Time Antiques: Might be useful as a resource about antiques.

Anotherealm: Recommended. An e-zine of short (5,000 words and under) speculative fiction, including science-fiction, fantasy and horror. One or more new stories are posted weekly.

AnotherUniverse.com's Mania Magazine: Entertainment reviews, comics, and more. Link reported inoperative.

Antaeus: Dead.

Antares Science Fiction: A science fiction magazine. Link reported invalid.

Anthrolations: "a genre fiction magazine focusing on anthropomorphic animal characters, their societies, and personal interactions. Mostly SF&F and modern fiction, but includes other genres on occasion."

Antipodean Science Fiction: Recommended. An Australian science fiction magazine specializing in very short stories. (contributed by Robert N. Stephenson) Link reported invalid.

Any Dream Will Do Review, The: "A biannual literary magazine of short stories and humor from the secret recesses of our minds. We publish only original short stories and humorous essays."

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest: Features edgy sci-fi and horror.

Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Recommended. A science fiction and fantasy magazine.

Apostrophe: Speculative fiction magazine. 12/6/09: Link reported broken.

Appalachian Dialogs: E-zine of fiction, essays, and debates on current affairs, education, sex, and politics. Link reported invalid.

Apple Valley Review: A Journal of Contemporary Literature: "an online literary journal. It is published twice each year, once in Spring and once in Fall. Each issue features a collection of beautifully crafted poetry, short fiction, and essays."

apt: A "bi-monthly online literary magazine. We feature all fiction, regardless of length or genre."

Archipelago: An International Journal On-Line of Literature, the Arts, and Opinion: Quarterly journal of prose and poetry.

Armourer Magazine, The: A magazine for military buffs. Link reported invalid.

Art & Antiques Magazine: An art magazine. Link reported inoperative.

Art Bin: Swedish site featuring international forum for art, literature, music, cultural politics, articles, and essays. Link reported invalid.

Art Heresy 'Zine: A reader written anti- art establishment, art criticism, art history & art magazine 'zine. It is published as new articles are received. Link reported invalid.

ArtCommotion: Contemporary visual and literary art of Los Angeles.

Artemis Magazine: Lunar-based science fact and fiction magazine. Send submissions by regular mail to:
Artemis Magazine
1380 East 17 Street, Suite 201
Brooklyn, New York 11230
(718) 375-3862

Artisan: folded?: Fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

ArtNet Magazine: Art magazine. Link reported invalid.

arts & literature showcase: Features fiction, non-fiction, and art. 12/6/09: Link reported broken.

Ascent: "a literary magazine that specializes in the darker shades of short fiction in all genres, publishes poetry with an edge, and features creative photography and art." 12/6/09: Link reported broken.

Ascent Aspirations Magazine: Charges fee. Not recommended. A quarterly online and semi-annual print journal featuring literary, science fiction, fantasy, horror and dark mainstream short fiction and poetry, essays and visual art.

Asimov's Science Fiction: Highly recommended. A science fiction magazine.

Aspiring Writer: Share and discuss fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Link reported inoperative.

Assembly: There is more than one Assembly. Nearly all of them are sponsored or furnished by Nerdworld. The Assembly provides a message forum for editors, writers, and others to discuss numerous topics of interest.

Assorted Realities: Real, imagined, and hallucinated stories. Link reported invalid.

Astounding Adventures Quarterly , The: Folded. Adventure fiction of all genres.

AstoundingStories.Com: "a quarterly ezine of speculative fiction. Seeking character-driven stories reminiscent of the pulp magazines of the 50's. First issue is 6/04." Link broken.

Astropoetica: "a new online publication for astronomical poetry, is currently seeking poems with a constellation theme. All genres, lengths, and styles are welcome."

Atlantic Unbound: Atlantic Monthly online.

Atlas 5: Articles and photography. 1 25/09: a writer reports the site is inactive.

AU JUICE: Articles and humor. Link reported inoperative.

Audax: Ezine for a gaming system. Link reported invalid.

Aurealis: An Australian science fiction and fantasy magazine.

Auricular Immersion Media: Online magazine taking aim against the media world. 1/25/09: site appears inactive.

Aurora Australis: Contemporary Australian writing. Sponsored by the Literature Fund of the Australia Council. Link inoperative.

AUTHORS MAGAZINE: An online publication featuring the promotion of books by varying authors. This site fails to impress P&E and one writer has already complained.

Authors Renaissance: Site features work of unpublished poets and authors. Link reported inoperative.

Axxón: An Argentine SF e-publication. Considered quite good. P&E believes it may specialize in flash fiction.

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