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Academy Of American Poets: a poets' organization. Contact at:

Academy Of American Poets
584 Broadway, Suite 1208
New York, NY 10012-3250
Phone: (212) 274-0343
FAX: (212) 274-9427
email: academy@pipeline.com

ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union: Seems clear enough who these folks are.

Alliance of Artists Communities: A service organization for the field of artists' communities.

American Author's Association: A "not-for-profit organization of authors, poets, artists, filmmakers, and musicians, dedicated to the creative arts."

American Black Book Writers Association: A writers' organization. Contact at:
American Black Book Writers Association
P.O. Box 10458
Venice, CA 90295

American Crime Writers League: An organization for what else but crime writers.

American Library Association: "the oldest and largest library association in the world, with more than 64,000 members. Its mission is to promote the highest quality library and information services and public access to information."

American Society Of Composers, Authors And Publishers: An organization. Contact at:
American Society Of Composers, Authors And Publishers
1 Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023

American Society of Indexers (ASI): Information on indexing. Contributed by Mary Mortensen.

American Society of Journalists and Authors: Recommended. Large organization of non-fiction writers.

Appalachia East Writers Association: A writers' organization located in North East Tennessee. Contributed by Kristi Ivey. Contact at:
Appalachia East Writers Association
P.O. Box 217
Caryville, TN 37714

Appalachian Writers Association: A writers' organization founded in 1983 that "seeks members from throughout Appalachia who write in a wide range of genre and disciplines, from storytellers to lyricists, from academics to popular writers."

Arkansas Writers Association: "AWA lists Arkansas authors and their work, author interviews, book reviews, contests, writer's groups, writer's conferences, and resources for writers."

Asociación Española de Fantasía y Ciencia Ficción: Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction Association site.

Association of American Publishers: A publishers organization. Features news and links to many publishers.

Association of Authors' Agents (AAA): British literary agents organization.

Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR): US literary agents organization.

Association of Electronically Published Romance Authors (AEPRA): A professional organization exclusively for authors electronically published in the romance genre. 12/5/09: Link broken.

Association of Personal Historians: "Personal historians help other people tell their life stories -- in print, audio, and/or video (and sometimes all three). Memoirs of the ordinary man or woman, as well as celebrities."

Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA): "an organization formed for artistic, literary, educational and charitable purposes centered around the visual arts of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology and related topics."

Association of Scottish Literary Agents (ASLA): As stated.

Australian Literary Agents Association (ALAA): As stated.

Authors For Charity: "The purpose of this organization is to give published authors the opportunity to hold book signings, any place of their choosing, along with the opportunity to donate a portion of their earnings to the charity of their choice."

Authors Guild, The: Highly recommended. "the nation's largest society of published authors, is an advocate for fair compensation, free speech, and copyright protection, and has for 80 years published a respected quarterly bulletin. It offers more than 7,500 author and freelance-journalist members free contract reviews, assistance in disputes with publishers, and access to group health insurance."

Authors League Of America: A writers' organization. Contact at:
Authors League Of America
234 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Authors Registry, The: A writers' organization.


Bay Area Independent Publishers Association: A publishing organization dedicated to educating and elevating the art of the independent author-publisher.

Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club An organization of writers who exchange ideas and seek to improve their skills. Looks to be quite active.

Black Americans In Publishing: A writers organization.

Blue Ridge Pens: A writers organization in the Roanoke Valley area of southwestern Virginia.

Boost: Recommended. A childrens writers' organization.

British Science Fiction Association: A writer's organization.

Broad Universe: "An international membership organization which promotes, celebrates, and supports women writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror."


Canadian Artists Representation / Le Front Des Artistes Canadiens: Contact at:

CARFAC Ontario
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 440
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

Canadian Authors Association (CAA): A writers' organization. Contact at:
Canadian Authors Association (CAA)
National Office
74 Mississaga Street East
Orillia ON L3V 1V5 (Canada)
Phone: 705-653-0323
Fax: 705-653-0593

Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers: An organization. Contact at:
P.O. Box 280, Station L
Toronto, ON
Canada M6E 4Z2

CANCOPY: Is a non-profit organization, established in 1988 by Canadian creators and publishers to collectively administer their reproduction rights. Under Canadian copyright law, it has always been the right of the creator or publisher to decide when and how their work is reproduced, by photocopying or other means. But until CANCOPY was established, it was difficult for creators and publishers to protect their rights against illegal copying. It was equally difficult for frequent users of copyright material to ensure their copying was lawful.

Now, a CANCOPY licence provides protection for creators and publishers as well as legal access to published works for coypright users. CANCOPY licenses individuals or organizations wishing to reproduce copyright works, collects a fee, and redistributes royalties to the copyright holders whose works have been copied. Representing more than 1.7 million works by creators and publishers worldwide, CANCOPY provides necessary access for a growing number of educational institutions, libraries, levels of government, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Chicago Women in Publishing: A writers' organization.

Children's Book Council, The: A trade organization.

Colorado Independent Publisher's Association: Publishers' organization.

Council of Europe Publishing: Appears to be a publishing organization.

Crime Writers Association, The: A professional group of UK crime authors.

CRIME WRITERS OF CANADA (CWC): A "national organization for Canadian crime writers, associated professionals, and anyone else with a serious interest in Canadian crime writing."

Crime Writers of Scandinavia: A writer's organization.


Dallas Area Writers Group: Looks like a good, well-organized group of writers.

DARKLAVA: Appears to be an Italian science fiction writer's organization.

Desert Rose RWA: A romance writers organization.


EPIC: Electronically Published Internet Connection: Highly recommended. An organization for electronic book authors.

Erotic Readers Association: Aside from containing examples of erotic fiction, the site has guidelines and links to a number of erotic literature publishers. Not for minors.

Erotica Readers & Writers Association: "Dedicated to readers and writers of erotica since 1996, includes book reviews and recommendations, author resources and market opportunities. Also includes 5 galleries of original erotic fiction and poetry, adult video recommendations, sex toy information, and current sexuality issues." Not for minors.

European Science Fiction Society, The: A writer's organization.


Florida Horror Writers: A writers group for horror writers in Florida.

FLORIDA WRITERS ASSOCIATION, INC.: New writers organization.



The Garden State Horror Writers: A writers' organization. Contributed by John Platt.

Geneva Writers' Group: "expat writers in Geneva, Switzerland."

Graphic Artists Guild: Recommended. An organization.

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers' Group: Features workshops, a writers' cafe, and other opportunities for writers.


Heart of America Christian Writers' Network: A writers' organization.

Heartland Romance Authors: A Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. We offer support to all writers in all stages of their career. We also offer a wonderful Resource Center complete with a Search Page. Our many features are directed to the 'serious writer'.

Henderson Writer's Group: Well organized writers' organization in Henderson, Nevada.

Historical Novel Society, The: Recommended. Promotes all aspects of historical fiction including support, a writing community, resources, and publishing outlets.

Horror Writer's Association: Recommended. A writers' organization. Contact at:
244 5th Ave., Suite 2767
New York, NY 10001


Independent Book Publishers Association: An organization for publishers. Formerly the Publishers' Marketing Association (PMA).

Independent Writers of Southern California: A writers organization.

International Horror Guild: An organization. Formerly the International Horror Critics Guild.

International Independent Literary Agents Association (IILAA): Rated laughable. An organization for literary agencies. Additional information leads P&E to believe that this organization's web site is on the same server as the one for Desert Rose Literary Agency.
3/11/08: International Independent Literary Agents Association (IILAA) domain listed for sale. Only $5,000.00.

10/27/06 - P&E declared hate group by IILAA. Clearly these folks never read the page About Preditors & Editors. Um, aren't reading skills supposed to be an important part of being a literary agent? Hmmm, nine agents and not one noticed that P&E is non-profit, non-affiliated, and not financed by anyone?
Oh, well, I hope anyone using their services gets what they paid for. Hmmm, wouldn't that mean they'd have to make sales to legitimate royalty-paying commercial publishers? Oh, and also pass on the royalties to their clients instead of pocketing those like Nancy did? Then there's an agency that belongs to a publisher. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Oh, let's not forget that one agent got her start working for another agency that was recently convicted of fraud. I hope the only skills she learned from them were about agenting and not how to perpetrate a fraud. But how can that be since they didn't know how to sell books? Wow, IILAA will let just anyone join, it appears...except sites like P&E.

International Thriller Writers (ITW): "For writers of the thriller genre." Details on site.

International Women's Writing Guild, The: A writers' organization. Contact at:
The International Women's Writing Guild
P.O. Box 810
Gracie Station
New York, NY 10016

Irish Science Fiction Association, The: A writer's organization.

Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, The: A writer's organization.




Latino-Hispanic writers 4Kids: This organization of writers who write for Latino and Hispanic children uses a Yahoo page, so information about it is sketchy. You may have to join to determine if it meets your expectations.

League of Canadian Poets: A poets' organization. Contact at:
League of Canadian Poets
24 Ryerson Avenue
Toronto, ON
Canada M5T 2P3
Phone: 416-363-5047
Fax: 416-860-0826

League Of Vermont Writers, The: A longtime writers' organization established in 1929.


Michigan Horror Writers: Recommended. A horror writers' organization.

Military Writers Society of America: An organization devoted to writers who have served in the military or have strong connections to the military.

Mississippi Writers Guild: A writers' organization.

Mystery Writers of America, Inc.: A writers' organization. Contact at:
Mystery Writers Of America
1140 Broadway, Suite 1507
New York, NY 10001


National Book Critics Circle (NBCC): A "non-profit organization consisting of nearly 700 active book reviewers who are interested in honoring quality writing and communicating with one another about common concerns".

National Cartoonists Society: Provides info for cartoonists.

National Writers Association: A writers' organization. Contact at:
National Writers Association
1450 S. Havana, Suite 424
Aurora, CO 80012
phone: 303-751-7488

National Writers Association: Features various resources.

National Writers Union: A writers' organization. Contact at:
National Writers Union
113 University Pl. 6th Fl.
New York, NY 10003
phone: 212-254-0279

Nebraska Center for Writers: "on-line resource for writers of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, providing information, advice, and links of interest to writers and readers".

New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA): A writer's organization.

New Zealand Association of Literary Agents (NZALA): New Zealand literary agents organization.

NewzSpy ™: This is a new group for freelance, stringers, part-time, and full-time investigative writers -- screen, TV, and Journalism. Contact at:
Post Office Box 9054
Baltimore, MD 21222

Northern Colorado Writers: A writer' group supporting and encouraging writers of all levels and genres since 1997.


Ohio Poetry Association: Founded in 1929.

Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc.: A writers' group.

Ottawa Romance Writers' Association: A writers' organization.


PARSEC: The Pittsburgh Area Realtime Scientifiction Enthusiasts Club. Contact at:

P. O. Box 59237
Pittsburgh PA 15210

Pennwriters, Inc.: An organization for writers.

Pikes Peak Writers: Provides award-winning year-round educational programming and resources for writers and presents the Pikes Peak Writers Conference every spring.

Poetry Society of America: Contact at:
Poetry Society of America
15 Gramercy Park
New York, NY 10003
(212) 254-9628

Poetry Society of Virginia, The: A writers' organization founded in 1923.

Poets & Writers: Contact at:
Poets & Writers
72 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-3586

Professional and Amateur Writers' Society, The: A writers' group.

Puget Sound Writers Guild: A writers' group dedicated to helping its members produce commercial fiction and become professional writers. Looks interesting.


Quill Society, The: An organization for young writers. The site features resources and more.


RAHA: "the independent writers' home web site. RAHA charter, RAHA book, Poetry, Sort story, art gallery, RAHA word, free tribune, RAHA word .. ete are sections there.Also RAHA book is the first international ebook publisher. RAHA means freedom and independent in Persian and it's the association of the independent writers regardless to the geography, nationality, color and language that fights for the freedom of reading, writing and speech." Some of the site's material is written in other languages.

Romance Writers Of America: Highly recommended. A writers' organization. Contact at:
Romance Writers Of America
13700 Veterans Memorial Drive, #315
Houston, TX 77014

Romance Writers of Australia Inc.: Promotes romance writing and helps its writers achieve success.


San Diego Writers / Editors Guild An organization of writers and editors dedicated to improving their skills and helping others do the same.

Saskatchewan Writer's Guild: A writers' organization.

Science Fiction Poetry Association: Poetry organization.

SF Canada: "association of professional speculative fiction writers in Canada updated regularly (every three months at a minimum) and includes articles about SF and the writing thereof, on-line fiction, members' news, award news, e-mail addresses and Web page links for SF Canada members, and general information about the organization and how to join it. Everything is archived at each updating, so the site is growing all the time."

SFF Net: An excellent resource for writers.

SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America): Recommended. A writers' organization. Their web site is an excellent resource for writers of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, but useful to all writers.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
P. O. Box 171
Unity, ME 04988-0171

SFWJ (Science Fiction Writers of Japan): A writers' organization.

Sisters in Crime: Mystery writers' organization.

Society for Editors and Proofreaders (or SfEP): "a UK-based organization of freelance editors and proofreaders which emphasizes training and qualifications for its members."

Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio: An organization promoting writing in Latino and Hispanic communities everywhere.

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, The: A writers' organization. Contact at:
Society Of Children's Book Writers And Illustrators
P.O. Box 66296
Mar Vista Station
Los Angeles, CA 90066
phone: 818-347-2849

Society of Southwest Authors: A writers organization.

Society for Technical Communication: A writers' organization.



U.S. Copyright Office: Duh, could this be any more obvious than it already is?



W.B. Yeats Society of New York: An organization dedicated to a single literary figure.

Washington Independent Writers (WIW): "For writers in the Washington DC area." Details on site.

Western Writers of America: A writers' organization.

Whisper from the Heart Poetry Club: A poetry club based in South Africa.

Willamette Writers : Recommended. A 35 year-old non-profit organization dedicated to helping writers.

WORLD ROMANCE WRITERS: "a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the enrichment, education, and promotion of romance writers around the world. Committed to its membership, WRW is inclusive of all romance genres and its form of publication in romance literature."

Writers Guild Of America - East: A writers' organization. Contributed by JoJo Brooks. Contact them at:
Writers Guild Of America
555 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
phone: 212-245-6180

Writers Guild Of America - West: A writers' organization. Contact at:
Writers Guild Of America
7000 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
phone: (213) 951-4000

Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia: appears to be an excellent resource for writers. You can contact the WFNS at:
Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia
1113 Marginal Road
Halifax NS B3H 4P7
Telephone: (902) 423-8116
Fax: (902) 422-0881
Email: talk@writers.ns.ca

Writers' League of Texas: "Established in 1981, the Writers' League of Texas is a nonprofit professional organization whose primary purpose is to provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers, to help members improve and market their writing skills, and to promote the interests of writers and the writing community."

Writers' Union of Canada, The: A writers' organization. Contact at:
The Writers' Union of Canada
40 Wellington Street East, Third Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1C7
Phone: 416-703-8982
Fax: 416-504-7656




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